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Apply Now!

To apply for an apartment or home on line you will need to submit your $35 application fee via the Paypal link below. After the application fee is paid PLEASE CLICK HERE or to fill out a manual application please print the attached application, complete, sign, scan and e-mail back to or fax to 317-713-7122. Please let us know which apartment or home you are interested in taking off of the market and be sure to pay the application fee below and if you want to hold the actual home be sure to pay the hold fee immediately after you have paid the application fee.

Please be aware that applications fees are never refundable and holding fees are only refundable if you are formally denied and not if you cancel or fail to cooperate with the application process. Once approved we will apply any holding fees toward your total move in costs of security deposit and initial rent.




If you are applying for a house or apartment please request a sample lease and take a moment to review it in advance. Please note that any sample leases are subject to change and even if you review a sample always be sure to read your actual leases. Please be sure to read everything you sign. Thank you!

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